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Your Story

There is no time in traditional medicine for your story.

And your story is GOLD. Our sessions will link the seemingly unrelated into a cohesive picture from start to now. There is no working with the present without unpacking the history of how you got here. Each step along the way is unique and full of evidence. This is what gets lost in the 15 minute sessions with a practitioner who only has time to see numbers without context of the whole person.

The act of sharing in itself is a part of healing. Being heard, finding connection and support, reminds each of us that we have a story that needs to be shared. I love hitting the pause button on the busy pace of life in order to hear where you have come. From this, we decide where you are going.


This is where the data magic happens.

It is my role to remove the guesswork and base recommendations on your individual data. How do we do this? Through functional labs that uncover the healing opportunities that are often missed in chronic conditions. It is easy to get caught up chasing the symptoms, without ever stopping to ask different questions that lead us to different answers.

When the systems of the body are able to operate or “function,” the overall stress on the body is decreased. Without data and the correct types of testing, it is very difficult to reveal what areas need support. Often times the symptoms you are experiencing exist far from the source. Let’s stop wasting time chasing the symptoms and take a deeper look at the imbalances disrupting your hormonal, digestive, immune and nervous systems. After all, we are integrated bodies that need an integrative approach. Labs give me the opportunity to observe hidden stressors and underlying malfunctions every step of the way so you can reach your wellness.


Support. Stimulate. Substitute.

Based on our investigation and your data, you will gain clarity and order where there has been chaos and confusion. There is a reasonable and reliable order from which I operate. Part of this skill is knowing when to support, when to stimulate and when to substitute.

The support that I recommend comes from nutrient density in the foods you eat and joy from the life you live. These elements are my first concern … and trust me, I love the nitty gritty. Next I uncover where your body needs stimulation. You can think of this as waking the parts of ourselves that have been asleep at the wheel. And sometimes we need to substitute where our bodies aren’t efficient. This could be in a nutrient deficiency or physiological function that needs supplementation while the body remembers how to operate.


Your body knows best.

Regardless of your medical history, I believe every body is actively working to return to homeostasis. The state where your internal regulatory systems are working more efficiently than the stressors on your system. There are times when the level of stress on our system outweighs these regulators and our body may begin to compensate through other means. This compensation, when unchecked, over long periods of time, whether in our physical or emotional body, leads to more imbalances. This is why our symptoms begin to seem farther from the cause and the layers get tangled.

Even so, the body is pushing for homeostasis and in our work together we support the reserves and clear the blocks. Your body knows best. Through education and empowerment, you will become confident in the daily practices required to ease your body back to health. In each stage of life, our bodies have different needs to get there. Tuning in and creating a different conversation gives you the ability to become the pilot of your own journey.

Where are you in your healing journey? And where do you want to be?

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