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Why say yes to our Seasonal Reset?

In short, the goal is to help you feel more alive, more resilient and literally… RESET!
If this isn’t enough here are some more reasons…
Your health depends on your ability to tune into your body’s needs. With our seasonal resets, we give you a step by step roadmap to tune in based on foods, specific organ systems and energetics that are matched with each season. You get the opportunity to break habits that are weighing you down and adding unwanted static to your self care.

We offer 5 Seasonal Resets a year, giving you a chance every few months to tune in, learn and implement changes. Over time, these resets give a yearlong path to improving your health from the inside out.

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How does it work?

After signing up for the low price of $147 (or for the steep steal of $499 when you purchase the whole year), you will immediately receive a welcome email with your first week’s content, recipe collection and meditation. Each week that follows, you will receive an email with additional audio modules that build on the content before. It is important to absorb the information in order and don’t consider the week done until you have implemented the recommendations. Our goal is to take the guesswork and restriction out of cleansing and detoxing, by instead focusing on the abundance of the season, what works best for your body each season and how to boost your natural energy stores by giving your system exactly what it needs.

What is included?
Weekly Audio Modules covering Energetics of the Season, Choosing Foods that Fuel and the Organ System Deep Dives.
4 Meditation and MIndfulness Audio tutorials.
Weekly Recipe Collections.
The 5 Seasons of Chinese Medicine
Though we can often feel very removed from the natural world in our modern day hustle and bustle, as humans our health depends on living in harmony with the seasons. Using Traditional Chinese Medicine as a guide, we will explore Spring, Summer, Late Summer, Fall and Winter. Each changing season will inform food choices, habitual chances, movement and exercise recommendations as well as a deep understanding of meridian stimulation to move stagnation. We are not acupuncturists and we will not be using needles, instead we will be heightening the awareness and clarity of your own interpersonal intelligence.
Expected Results
Check out the testimonials below to see for yourself what people are saying about the impact of seeing our health through a different lens. Some of the most common results we see are increased energy, better mood stabilization, deeper sleep and enhanced focus. Without getting weighed down with a ton of information or video modules (you can literally pop in your ear buds with your phone and listen to the recordings), this reset allows you to seamlessly integrate a new way of viewing your health potential. These steps are small but mighty because you are aligning all of the parts of yourself with the common goal of a fresh slate, a fresh start and a reboot each season of the year.

Let’s get started.

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