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The Shift Academy was the program that I so desperately needed...

The program was my answer to unexplained health conditions and years of frustration that were not being addressed by the medical field. Frankie’s attention to details in all that she does can not be matched. The Shift Academy focuses on the whole body and mind with individual care that is supported by a small community of like minded individuals. The program is filled with in depth content that is broken down and delivered in a well thought-out plan. Questions were always encouraged and welcomed. The one on one calls with Frankie during the program, provided evidence of the level of care and concern that Frankie has for each individual that she works with. During the calls, Frankie pays attention to details and provides each member with a step by step personalized approach to improve their health and wellbeing. She is compassionate, caring, and knowledgeable. The Shift Academy program is a program that keeps on giving!

- Kay

How does someone say "thank you for saving my life"...

Before my initial consultation with Frankie. I knew that I had not been well physically, emotionally, or spiritually for a very long time. It has been years since I have lived my life in every way. My emotional, physical, mental (depression & anxiety) had progressed over the years as Dr. After Dr. Either misdiagnosed or under diagnosed my symptoms and what was really going on deep inside of me on a cellular level. Not “One” doctor, blood test, scan, psychologist/healer/life coach/therapist.. even medical doctors and various Practioners within my very close circle of friends & family did not have the expertise and experience to pinpoint or the root issues that were causing me to become sicker and sicker (especially personal 1st hand life experience such as what Frankie comes to the table with) I KNOW that if I had not crossed paths with Frankie and this life changing health information that is shared in the shift academy, I would have continued to fade away and eventually end up with a life threatening disease. (As if what Frankie found in my testing isn’t already bad enough) it WOULD have gotten much worse in a short period of time. How does someone say “thank you for saving my life” There are no words in the human vocabulary to describe what it feels like when ones body is slowly dying one day and in just a few short weeks life is flowing back into my veins and cells. 6 weeks ago I couldn’t get out of bed. Right now? My body wants to take the dogs to the park after I finish mowing. My body is craving healthy foods, music, dancing, breath and life. Thankful for the miracle healing that my body, mind and soul has been allowed to experience and be a part of.

- Peggy

I just feel good, it’s been quite a while since I’ve been able to say that...

I loved my experience in the shift academy. Frankie is very knowledgeable, and willing to share whatever you want to know, If she doesn’t have the answer she will research it and get back to you. I love the small groups, and that there is a topic for each call, but also a chance to ask any and all of the questions you have. Being in a group setting you learn just from others questions and answers too. Frankie is easy going, so in turn her program isn’t intimidating , just warm and inviting. She also knows that it’s more than just taking supplements, there is a mind body connection that needs to be addressed. How you think effects your health. The quiet time meditations are a sweet little treat that you can go back to when ever you need . There are recipes to help support you while going through the different parts of the program, it’s always nice to have some new ideas pertaining to food. Most of all I’m just really glad I found her, it amazes me how much influence we have on our health just by what we eat and do or don’t do. I’ts crazy to me that you have to go outside our healthcare system to find health. I’m so grateful for Frankie and her program , and the course I’m on. Yesterday I told my husband that I feel good today, I can’t explain it, I just feel good, it’s been quite a while since I’ve been able to say that. Thanks Frankie Leigh!
- Karen

Wow! Is all I can say.

I know I am repeating myself but I can’t say enough positive about the program. I have done different programs before & I can say I honestly never felt this way. I truly think it’s you! Your personality! What I mean by that is your genuine nature, your non judgmental(ness), your validating nature (not dismissive) and your patience & no hurry-ness to end the calls. Wow! Is all I can say.
- Ellen

She is dedicated to helping us understand why...

If you are someone who follows doctor’s orders and yet still is left searching for answers to why you still don’t feel yourself, this program is for you. The Shift Academy with Frankie Leigh will help you understand the root causes of why you may be doing “all the right things” and still not feeling your best. Frankie creates such a warm and welcoming community that makes it easy to open up and share our journeys, which is so beneficial to everyone in the program. You quickly learn you are not alone in your search for answers and that your symptoms are often shared within the group. Having that type of community has been a blessing. While we were each on our own path to wellness, we were able to share and learn from each other as well as from Frankie. The best part was the Quiet Time meditations! These were so soothing and totally set the mood for me. Frankie really did go above and beyond to make sure we were supported throughout this 6 week journey with her and made it really hard to not show up and put in just as much in return for her. She is dedicated to helping us understand why we were at the places we were at and explaining how we can use what we were learning each week to accomplish the goals we set out to attain at the beginning of the program. I went from hardly being able to hold my head up at work after 2pm to being fully fueled straight through until bedtime! And my sleep score increased by almost 9 points! I would highly recommend The Shift Academy to anyone interested in learning more about their body and how to start feeling wonderful again!
- Jacqueline

The end result for me is that I feel more grounded in myself...

This program is designed so thoughtfully and has helped me to “shift” so many aspects of my life beyond just my nutrition. As a new mom who previously suffered miscarriages and now has decided to breastfeed my son until age 2 (at 20 months currently), my tank has been running on low. Because I haven’t focused on my own health since my son was born, I’ve felt disconnected to myself and not able to show up for my people in the way that I have wanted to. Working with Frankie and the other women in this group has helped me to understand that being “healthy” is so much more than what we consume or how many supplements we take (though obviously those are incredibly important). This program has covered so many topics that impact our health from a whole mind-body perspective. It’s delivered in a way that is driven by science and easy to understand. It has helped me identify what needs to be tweaked, what needs to be thrown in the trash and what needs more nourishment in my life. The end result for me is that I feel more grounded in myself and my ability to care for myself and my family. So much gratitude!

- Stephanie W.

Frankie is a gift!...

I worked with her in the Shift Academy after nursing my son for nearly 2 years and sleeping very poorly. My body was thrashed and while I didn’t have any diagnosed health issues, I knew that I needed some support to get back to pre-babe functioning. After testing, l learned I had several issues that I had no idea about. With her support and coaching, I was able to come up with a strategy to move into better health. I never thought of myself as someone who needed to work on my nutrition, but I learned ways to dial in my diet in a way that best supports my specific health needs. I highly recommend Frankie!
- Stephanie G.

The information provided was impactful, easy to understand, and laser-focused...

Working with Frankie as part of the Shift Academy has been a positive, affirming, and critical step in my healing journey. Three weekly Zoom calls helped me stay on track – I never left wondering what I should be doing next – and feeling connected to the other group participants. During the 6 week program, we celebrated wins (and there were lots of them) because the information provided was impactful, easy to understand, and laser-focused on helping participants create and nurture new habits and patterns with health always at the forefront. And because stress is something so many of us deal with regularly, Frankie remembered that, too, and included meditations each week. I graduate with more tools in my toolbox…Shifted, Uplifted and Grateful!
- Chris

The Shift Academy (and Frankie!) is a game changer!!

All in all, the Shift Academy was a huge success and more than worth the time and money – best investment ever!! The Shift Academy (and Frankie!) is a game changer!!
The Shift Academy was a wonderful opportunity to fill in all of the missing pieces regarding my health. I was feeling very frustrated with the medical field in general because I didn’t feel listened to. I was exhausted from trying to get doctors and specialists to ignore their “normal ranges” and listen to the things I thought were going on in my body and the lengths I was willing to go to get to the root cause and not just treat symptoms with more and more medications! Frankie did not focus on the broad ranges and generic quick one size fits all fixes. She helped me focus in on what was going on and what shifts I could make to turn things around. She validated my concerns, supported and encouraged my efforts to make the shifts and basically helped me achieve successful results in a short period of time. It was amazing! My fasting morning blood sugar went from 260s to 90s-100s. I regained energy, felt better than I had in a very long time and lost 20+ pounds. I can honestly say that it is the best investment (in ME) that I’ve made to date and would (and have) recommended it to anyone I care about! Frankie is, simply, the best!!!
- Julia

Thank you!!! Frankie shifted my life!

This is kinda a series of blurbs. Thank you!!! Frankie shifted my life! I started her program feeling like an irrational uncontrollably angry and tired momma of three boys with a history of poor energy and sleep. In fact I came to Frankie hoping to help them with their behavior linked to food and I’m so glad I stayed to help myself, (and by extension them.) The results were fast, foundational, and biological in a way that lifted a lot of my self-doubt and depression, and set me on a new course towards self realization. Even my psychotherapist is amazed! Frankie is the real deal, she will explain the physiology that impacts your health and create a personal road map, based on your own data, to achieve a more healthy life! She takes time in this course to address each problem and question that arises in the group. That level of care is rarely achieved in your average doctor’s 15 minutes- this course adds up to around 20 live hrs! I love her reflective style of teaching. Frankie really masterfully connects with each of her students with such gentle empathy and excitement for supporting women towards self knowledge and health. With Frankie’s Shift Academy and group support, I lost 10 pounds and more importantly, I’m sleeping through the night and increased energy. I am more prepared to negotiate with myself for more self-love! With the support of Frankie and the Shift Academy participants I feel empowered to create lofty wellness goals for myself. I’ve added to my emotional intelligence toolbox an entirely shame-free, scientific perspective, with practical applications.
- Emily

For the first time in years I am moving in the right direction...

Frankie is very knowledgeable, she goes above and beyond to gather the data essential to gain understanding of your personal health situation. Her insight into where to focus following analyzing the data brings true results, support and progress. For the first time in years I am moving in the right direction with positive outcomes. I would highly suggest investing in the knowledge and process. As a nurse, it is evident that Frankie demonstrates extensive knowledge and resources towards helping people succeed in achieving their health goals.
- Christie

I wish I would have found Frankie years ago.

I am so happy I came across Frankie in my autoimmune journey. To know I have a person who knows my whole history and that I can trust to help guide me towards better health. Frankie is so attentive and caring while also staying focused and goal oriented. The Shift Academy was a wonderful forum to connect with other women and also learn more about optimal health with a personalized approach too. This was a bonus session for me as I had completed an autoimmune program already but still need the fine tuning and added support….but it is also a perfect program for anyone just getting started looking for the root cause of their symptoms and optimal detox pathways and nourishing nutrition and support. I wish I would have found Frankie years ago.
- Jenny

The program was exactly what I needed to kick-start my gut health...

I’ve had intestinal issues for the last few years, along with a lot of weight gain. I’m pretty knowledgeable about food and diet in general, but I couldn’t get my health in order. That’s why I called Frankie. She is a fountain of knowledge, and does a barrage of tests that I haven’t had done before. We were able to figure out what exactly was happening, and she gave me a plan to shift it naturally with food and supplements. I’ve just started the protocol, and my digestive issues are already starting to recede. I’m excited to see how I feel in a month or so!
- Barbara

"Frankie has created something truly special with Radiate Wellness!"

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