Would you love to bring wellness to your retreat?

Are you ready to level up your next gathering?

Now offering a variety of offerings for your next retreat!

functional testing and nutrition consultations

Are you interested in setting your retreat or live event apart by giving people the opportunity to reset their health? Depending on your desired focus, there are several functional tests available, from hormonal testing, adrenal analysis to food intolerance testing. By partnering with Radiate Wellness, you will be able to offer your participants testing that will provide them with data and results onsite at your event. Consultations are also provided to review their results onsite, giving them a true reset and plan to move forward.

cooking classes

Do you want to break up a long day of learning or business planning with some fun in the kitchen? Bring your people together around food and build the foundation of a healthier work place, community or gathering.

event catering

Do you have the perfect event or retreat planned but still need food to seal a great experience? Let me help! Planning, shopping and production included.

yoga classes

Bringing meditation and yoga classes to you! Looking for the perfect wellness reset button at your next event? Add some movement. All levels available, from beginning classes to high intensity.


Pricing and packages vary, please set up a Q&A call to see how we can work together.

Three things I love: yoga, food and community. Let me help you bring these elements to life at you next live event or retreat. Your people will thank you!