I can still feel it. Standing on the rung for that first monkey bar leap as a kid. Not quite tall enough, but brave enough to go for it. Knowing that if I could just wrap the tip of my finger around that cold bar, I could make the first grip and the momentum would be enough to get to the next bar.

Sometimes big steps in life feel more like monkey bars. There is a little more faith and a lot more leaning forward, heart beating.

I am taking one of those leaps right now. All grown up, with so much to learn but so much to share at the same time. I work with patients everyday and encourage them to take the leap. The leap to decide that change is not just an off in the distance daydream. But that change can be disguised as a small step that embodies the inertia we need to leap.

Now it is time to take my own advice. One small step. Lean forward.

About a year ago, I started out on a learning adventure into new territory. My goal: to bring my two loves together, to bring nutrition and yoga under one creative umbrella. It started with an idea for an online course on Restorative Nutrition. This was a concept I had been sharing with my community and clients that seemed to be an important missing piece in a sea of weight and detox focused nutrition programs flooding the online scene.

I wanted to offer something different, something a little more heartfelt, something that could possibly soothe some of the pressure to be a certain body type and know the “right” foods to eat. I had the idea, some enthusiastic supporters and figured it would be ready for launch in about a month. Easy peasy…

A year later, with quite a few fits and starts, this project is ready for all eyes to see! I am writing to introduce Heartfelt Health, a 10 Week Online Course brought to you by my brainchild Radiate Wellness, a site intended to bridge functional nutrition with the techniques of mindfulness. My hope is for Radiate Wellness to be a hub of education and innovative ideas in these two exciting fields. It will still serve as a way to connect with my community classes and blog posts but as I lean forward, I hope to bring more courses to life.

Stay tuned and please make your way over to Heartfelt Health’s page for a peek at more details on the course. A peek at a small step, full of momentum.