Do you feel like there are crucial questions about your health that no one is asking? I get it. I’ve been there in my own health and that is why bringing education and empowerment back into healthcare is what I am all about. My name is Frankie Leigh, for those of you that I haven’t met yet, and I am a Functional Nutritionist and the founder of Radiate Wellness.  Radiate Wellness is a client focused, client centered practice that brings Functional Nutrition to people in need. I love to decode complex conditions with simple and elegant solutions. 

And this my friend, is why functional nutrition is so crucial right now. Complex conditions are rooted in stress. Especially considering the overall collective stress that we are experiencing, keeping ourselves healthy is extremely important. It is possible that we are experiencing more heightened amounts of stress than ever. So, what does that have to do with functional nutrition and how can functional nutrition help?

One of the main things that functional nutrition brings, is it brings the client to the center of the conversation. It brings the clients experience, their health history, their emotional history, any stored trauma that they may have into the conversation. We start to see how these interplay. How our emotional stress load, how our mental stress load, our physical stress load manifest into conditions or dis-ease in the body. When we think about seeing ourselves in an integrated way, we have to start with our own education. Right? So this is another tool that functional nutrition offers is that we are educators. As a functional nutritionist, it is my job to help my clients understand how their body is integrated by looking at the different systems of the body. How these systems, actually work together to nourish and support one another… When they’re given the right support.

It’s also my job to educate about the things that are getting in the way of that co-support within the body. What are the things that are causing stress that are “gunking” up the system. The things that are not allowing our bodies to do what they do best, which is to work in homeostasis, to work in balance. That is the place that our body, always wants to go back to.

There are six systems that I look at and focus on in my practice. These are the hormonal system, the immune system, the detoxification system, digestion of course, but also our energy production and our nervous system. So you can see how in these six systems of the body, not a single one of them act on its own. They are all integrated. And the thing I really love about beginning to see ourselves as an integrated body is that this isn’t just a skill that is a short lived. It’s something that actually will stay with you into your future. For every single doctor you hire for every specialist, you have to see, you will be able to come with that perspective. And with that lens,  you will know what your body needs to not only decrease the stressors, but also increase and support the things that are bringing vitality back into the body. This is absolutely necessary right now. To be able to be our own best health advocates, to be able to know our bodies in this more intricate and detailed way really serves our lifelong health journey.

In my practice, I make these missing links of healthcare really convenient. Through a closed loop system with 100% virtual sessions,  I’m fortunate to be able to work with women throughout the United States. I am able to fill the gaps and connect to places that I consider health deserts, where there are not integrated care providers or naturopaths or Functional Medicine doctors available. Radiate Wellness brings affordable and concise practices that help women have more energy, clarity and vitality.  I provide this with  the utmost efficiency. I provide specific functional testing that look at the six systems of the body to understand what is going on beneath the surface. We get beneath the diagnosis and understand what is happening on the inside. These kits are  shipped directly to you. They come directly to your door, and from there you are able to fulfill them  in the privacy of your own home, send them back to the lab, and the lab then sends the results to me. So it’s a very closed loop system, very efficient, and very specific to what your needs are. 

It’s my job as a functional nutritionist to be able to assess what are the tailored needs of the client in front of me. This is never going to be a one size fits all approach, and it never should be. If you get that feeling, you should know that you may not be in the right place. If you’re not being seen right now as a whole body as an integrated body with all of these things being taken into consideration, there may be crucial things that are getting missed in your healthcare. Radiate Wellness is here to fill that gap. 

Check out my Private Coaching options for more information. See you soon!