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3 Month Hormone Accelerator Package

Individualized, step by step hormone assessment.

Just because hormonal issues are complex, doesn’t mean they have to be complicated. With the guidance of cutting edge testing and interpretation, we find out exactly what is going on with your hormonal imbalance.

Package includes:

  • ZInitial onboarding Session
  • ZFunctional Nutrition Matrix
  • ZMonthly Goal Setting and Symptom Tracking
  • ZBi-monthly sessions to make sure you are supported every step of the way
  • ZDetoxification Assessment
  • ZComplete hormone panel (adrenals + reproductive + metabolites)
  • ZFunctional thyroid panel (the markers that can be so hard to find!)

This package is for any woman who struggles with:

  • sPainful / irregular periods
  • sInfertility
  • sEndometriosis/PCOS
  • sPeri/Post Menopause
  • sPostpartum Depression
  • sWeight Gain
  • sBrain Fog
  • sChronic Insomnia
  • sIrritability
The Hormone Accelerator Package gives you the time and focus you need to get to the root cause of your symptoms. No more being told that hormones don’t matter or you are just getting old. Hormonal balance is key to your quality of life and it is your right to know exactly what is going on.

Sound like you? Let’s get started.

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