3 Month Hormone Accelerator

Have you been told your hormones don’t matter?

Or, “come back when your symptoms are unbearable?”

Or that your thyroid labs are normal even though you know you are experiencing symptoms?

Then my 3 Month Hormone Accelerator may be exactly what you have been hoping for. Let’s face it, we are hormonal creatures and so much of our mood, sleep, metabolism, outlook and overall health depend on good hormonal balance. Whether you are struggling with fertility issues, transitioning into menopause, having irregular or painful periods, this 3 Month investment could change your life.

Package Includes:

  • Functional Matrix Session to assess every system of the body¬†
  • Monthly Goal Setting sessions
  • Bimonthly sessions, making sure you are tracking towards success every step of the way
  • Functional Thyroid Testing
  • Complete Hormonal Kit (adrenal and reproductive analysis)
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Healthcare team coordination (if needed)