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Dive in and welcome wellness in like an old friend.

The world of health and wellness can feel overwhelming and downright confusing with many mixed messages.

This session is here to put an end to this nonsensical frenzy. Your optimal wellness is already in you. Granted, sometimes beneath the layers of stress, distraction, exhaustion, confusion and information overload.

It’s time for a new approach.

In this interactive and innovative course you will begin to know the deep relaxation and calming benefits of restorative yoga and how these practices can transform your health. This session is about practice. Together we will practice the tools that enhance your relationship with yourself, leading to lasting nourishment. This course is not about what to eat but about how to eat for health. This is an opportunity to take time to reconnect with your optimal health even when it starts to feel buried under the layers of life.

In this transformative, 10 Week online course you will gain the tools for sustainable change in your health and receive an immediate reset in your life. Give yourself the permission to dive deep, clear a space for long lasting change and remember the heartfelt health you already possess.

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This Guided Restoration Session has been uniquely designed to meet you where you are on your health journey and provide you with techniques to enhance your daily experience. My name is Frankie Leigh and I created this course based on the belief that we have much to offer ourselves when it comes to feeling nourished, having higher energy levels and loving our food. The unfortunate truth is that we spend our time searching outside of ourselves for the right diet, pill or project and expect it to make a miraculous change – for us. These patches waste precious time and often leave us feeling stressed and overwhelmed, or worse, looking for the next perfect patch.

Guess what? The patches don’t work because they come from the outside. What you need is to turn inside. Scary. I know. And I am here to help!

We are going to clean house and peel back the layers that are covering your potential! We all have these layers, some are obvious and some are a little more nuanced … but we all have them. I believe we also all have an internal magic that helps understand and shed them.

During our time together, you will experience daily support, overcome personal obstacles and understand the pathways to restore your health! This is not a cleanse or a detox – there are already a billion of those out there. This program is different. This is an investment in restoration of your mind, body and nutrition.

Derived from the qualities of deep relaxation and restorative yoga, Heartfelt Health brings you a new approach to nutrition … restorative nutrition. In our time together, you will realize an approach to stress and nutrition that are sustainable … for the long haul. You will get to know your health from the inside out, as we begin to heal the Digestive System and the Nervous System.

Ready to take back your energy and feel great? Ready to dive through the layers and come out the other side? Ready to feel supported every step of the way?

Let’s do this!


Here is a little timeline so you know what to expect and how to get the most out of our time together. The program begins with a recorded session and transcript that you will have access to FOREVER! It is a great tool to go back to when you start to feel stuck or you sense the layers are piling on. Think of this as your roadmap. After you have listened to the recorded session you will unlock your access to:

  • 10 weeks of guided support complete with
    • weekly nutrition classes
    • weekly action items
    • journaling exercises and personal inquires
  • 2 – 30 minute recorded restorative yoga classes
    • for you to follow in the comfort of your own home
    • also yours FOREVER!
    • each class is complete with visualizations and restoration for the digestive and nervous systems
    • think of these as your relaxation express!
  • Personalized handouts covering
    • the how to’s of calming the chaos
    • the how’s and why’s of bone broth
    • fermentation recipes
    • the real “feel good” foods
    • a functional food journal
    • tips for continued success


How do I know that this course is for me? This course is for anyone that deals with stress or a busy schedule or simply has trouble making time for self care. This 10 week course is a step by step guide for slowing down, creating healthy habits and understanding the importance of self care. Self care is similar to any other skill we want to learn in life, it takes practice. Over the 10 weeks you will begin to practice the steps of self care and learn how to pay attention to the habits that may get in the way of a healthy approach to your nutrition.

Will I learn what to eat on a healthy diet? Heartfelt Health will teach you how to create a healthy diet. The program is less about the “what” and more about the “how.” This is an important part of creating diet habits that stick over time and are unique to your needs. You will gain a deeper understanding about your physiology that will help explain a whole body approach to health.

Can I take the course at my own pace? Absolutely! The course materials are yours and can be downloaded or revisited through the member portal at any time.

Do I need to know how to do yoga to take this course? There is no experience needed to participate in Heartfelt Health. The yoga classes are for beginners and experienced students alike.

What does yoga have to do with nutrition? Yoga is the connection of your mental self with your physical self. The connection of your thoughts with your body. In the restorative yoga classes, you will practice this connection by learning techniques that focus on the movement of the breath in the body. These classes move slowly, giving attention to one breath at a time. Our thoughts tend to jump to the future or linger in the past but when you focus your thoughts on the body, you practice being mindful of the present moment. Restorative yoga also teaches relaxation through visualizations and gentle movements. There are two yoga classes in Heartfelt Health, one that is designed for digestive health and one designed for the health of the nervous system.

Is this a cleanse or detox program? Heartfelt Health does not focus on a specific dietary protocol but it is cleansing. It is designed to clean our house of old habits and thought patterns that may make us feel stuck or unmotivated to change. With a new approach to health, change becomes possible both in our thoughts and our bodies.

Will I loose weight taking this course? This course is not focused on weight loss however the techniques used may reduce stress. Stress can be one of the main things that keep unhealthy habits with food going day after day. By reducing your stress levels, choices become more clear and are motivated from a goal of health and wellness for your whole body.

What is a “restoration session”? I use the words “restoration session” to describe a set time, 10 weeks, to restore or replenish your body and mind. Think of it as a course for self care, a session intended to break the cycle of go go go, a reset to focus on giving back to yourself.


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