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Learn how to choose the right test for your needs.
Your self-treatment should have a clear and concise path to solutions based on personal data.

Functional testing options

Before your initial session, please be prepared to forward the reports of any recent lab work. If you have not had any recent lab work, I will ask you to have some basic specific testing drawn to evaluate for anemia, thyroid function, liver/kidney function, fasting blood sugar, Vitamin D levels, and other testing, as needed.

Based on these findings and your current symptoms, we may need further functional testing to uncover hidden healing opportunities. As a FDN-P, I work directly with an amazing medical board to assess your results fully and answer any additional questions you may have. Some of the tests we may explore are covered here:

Metabolic Assessment

The old saying was “you are what you eat.” I believe you are what you are able to absorb and assimilate. Find out how your body is processing the foods you are eating. This may be the lynchpin in your blood sugar regulation, energy and digestive health.

Food Intolerance

Have you struggled with elimination diets that leave you more confused about what to eat? Do you still have symptoms that are getting in the way of your life? It may be time to test your body’s immune response to 100+ foods that may be causing your inflammation.

GI Pathogens

Find out if parasites, bacterial overgrowths, yeast imbalance or stomach pathogens are at the root of your health imbalance. GI pathogens can wreck havoc on your health. They get in the way of your ability to absorb from the foods you eat, cause downstream deficiencies and could be a the root of your discomfort.

Adrenal Hormones

There are three main stages of adrenal dysfunction and you may be surprised how much this could be playing into your health and wellbeing. Learn how to interpret and implement these test results to uncover the essential clues you have been waiting for.

Reproductive Hormones

Rarely tested and even more rarely understood, hormonal health is a vastly understudied aspect of health. You will become more of an expert on this part of your body than most of your practitioners. Become informed and empowered to balance your hormones and live with the sexual vitality you deserve

Gut Permeability

A healthy gut is diverse, hydrated, absorbent and well sealed. So often, our gut is compromised from an unhealthy diet, gut pathogens or unidentified food intolerances. Healing the gut lining is imperative to having a healthy immune system and avoiding the development of chronic disease.

Questions on how functional testing can help you?


Start with a 15 minute Q&A call to see if a functional approach could be what you are looking for.

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