“Functional nutrition is the future of healthcare not because it’s new or fancy, but because it meets the needs of the patient population.”
Andrea Nakayama, Functional Nutrition Alliance

As a Functional Nutritionist, I am committed to considering every aspect of your health, diet, and overall lifestyle when offering nutrition recommendations. This is an integrative and interrelated approach to healthcare that works. You are not a single diagnosis or body part that is experiencing imbalance.

Here are the 6 pillars of health that we will address in our work together.


Hormonal Balance

Hormones are the communication super highway throughout the human body affecting your mood, energy and reproductive health. Understanding your hormones, testing them regularly and implementing dietary changes to support their balance are all essential for optimal health.


Immune System

The immune system is the main link between our gut bacteria and their influence on our health or disease. Everything you eat, sends a unique message to your immune system. Together, we will encourage your immune system to work with you instead of against you. Learn how to prevent chronic disease and understand the factors behind your diagnosis.


Digestive Health

At the root of health is the health of our gut. Testing is available to identify your absorption of fats and proteins, gut permeability, food intolerances and potential pathogens. This data gives us the tools you need to prevent chronic disease, restore your digestive health and build a healthy immune system.



Your liver is the hardest working organ in your body. It plays a major role in healthy circulation, hormonal balance and digestion. Whether you are looking for a yearly cleanse or suspect detoxification is at the root of stagnation in your body, I can help. Through a metabolic assessment, we can create a plan for supporting and clearing your liver from internal or environmental toxins.


Energy and Resiliency

We all want enough energy to live the lives we imagined for ourselves. When we are able to have fresh, stable and lasting energy throughout the day, we are able to achieve anything we set our minds to. The flip side of energy is rest, which is equally important for recharging our vital reserves.


Nervous System

When our nervous system is constantly on hyperdrive, our immune system and digestive health suffer. Through simple techniques, you will master calming your nervous system to counter the fast pace of our culture’s demands. Rest, self care and taking the time to down regulate is radical and absolutely necessary.

Functional nutrition is personal.
Functional nutrition is data driven.
Functional nutrition is collaborative.
Functional nutrition is educational.
Functional nutrition is empowerment.
Functional nutrition takes the guess work out of your health care.


Let ME help YOU feel better.