doTERRA Advocate

Changing the world, one drop at a time.

When our bodies need support returning to homeostasis.

Sharing what I love.

doTERRA provides me with safe, natural alternatives to chemical and pharmaceutical products. I love knowing every ingredient that is in my medicine cabinet. This allows me to empower myself and dear ones in my life to have  simple self-care and a healthy home environment.

Are you feeling ready for a clean out?

Essential oils existed in my periphery for years before I opened the door to let them into my life. Using the oils for stress reduction and focus in my life has been the biggest game changer. They work with the body’s innate intelligence and clear the clutter. I love the feeling of detoxifying my life while enhancing my life at the same time.

And if these shifts aren’t enough…

I also get to spend time with a team of amazing women who are putting their love of plant magic back into healthcare. The doTERRA community is a vibrant addition to my knowledge and curiosity of how to help myself and others thrive with more balance in their lives.

Make some space for you.

The ritual of essential oils is contagious. Working with clients, I am always assessing what form of self care works for each individual. What I love about using essential oils is that they are tangible and require our engagement. We have to be tuned into our needs each time we pick up an oil and choose to add it to our day. This in itself, is the magic of empowerment.

Make some space for you.