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Help your body detoxify by decreasing your exposure to chemicals and hormone disruptors.

Beauty products that change lives.

Skin is the human body’s largest organ. Everyday, people, mostly women, unknowingly apply toxins as they lather up their skin with soaps, lotions, makeup and more. Everyday, these same women reach out to me because their hormones are out of balance, their skin is unhealthy or they just plain don’t feel well. One of the first things we work on is detoxing the environment around them and then we bring it in even closer.

Do you know what is inside your beauty products?

The answer is usually, “I’ve been using the same products for years or I’ve never thought of my skin care products as a toxic exposure.” Well, it is time to think again. Our bodies are paying attention and our hormones are really paying attention to the products we choose. What I love the most is the ritual of makeup and beauty products – it can truly be a lovely part of life. Seriously. It took me years to fall in love with my own beauty routine but when I did … total game changer.

This is self care.

Hanging out in front of the mirror, literally loving yourself. Something women rarely get into the habit of but when we bring this energy to our beauty routine, magic happens. And when I knew that the products I was choosing were healthy for me and a part of a larger movement – I loved the ritual even more. Support what you believe in.

And I believe in healthy women.

The women involved in Beautycounter are total rockstars. Period. They care about healthy women and healthy families and are fighting for a long overdue overhaul of the American cosmetic industry. They are not taking no for an answer because they too believe in healthy women. I am motivated to clear out the things that get in the way of women thriving and living the lives that they deserve. It is hard to believe that our beauty products can influence our health. Believe it. Our body’s are a masterpiece of assimilation and excretion when they are operating appropriately. Toxins get in the way of this process and therefore overtime get in the way of a healthy and vital life.


Is it time to clean out your beauty cabinet and feel good about what you are putting on your body? Or do you feel called to spread the word about the awesome sauce that is Beautycounter? Or maybe you just want more information on what is really going on inside of your bottles. Whatever the reason, let’s chat. Join the movement of safe and healthy beauty.