I am a Nutritional Therapist melding the tools of mindfulness with the benefits of functional nutrition. When these two modalities fit together there are long-lasting benefits to both your physical health as well as your emotional and mental well being. I believe that we are given the opportunity multiple times a day to make decisions that nurture our whole being through food, mindfulness, and compassion. When we find ourselves out of balance in one or more of these realms, holistic assessment is at the core of zooming out, gaining perspective and creating changes that will stick. My own healing process and work have each been deeply inspired by the ethics and approach of Functional Medicine. Functional nutrition allows me to provide client-centered, holistic care laying the foundation for a strong therapeutic partnership. I am fascinated by the body’s resiliency when a person’s whole story is considered when all of the seemingly separated parts of health are pieced back together and offered the right support.


I have an undergraduate degree in Women’s Studies and Social Work from the University of South Carolina. Women’s health, safety, and wellbeing have been a long-held passion of mine. During my time in college, I worked in relationship and domestic abuse prevention projects, providing advocacy and raising community awareness. About halfway through my degree, I made my way west to Oakland, California for a term at Mill’s College to participate in their Institute for Civic Leadership – an amazing program designed to empower women through their community involvement. After graduating, I became the co-director of Girls Inc of the Redwood Coast in Northern California where I had the opportunity to organize community programs for teenage girls.

In 2007, I moved to Oregon to shift gears and learn about organic farming. After years of being immersed in empowerment and social justice work, I started to uncover a deep desire to work with food. I spent the next several years gardening, working on small farms, teaching at sustainable education centers, coordinating community projects around local food systems. In 2013, I went back to school to become a certified holistic nutritionist. At the time, I was working as a yoga teacher and part-time on Flying Coyote Farm.


After finishing my certification through the Wellspring School for the Healing Arts, I completed my certification as a Functional Nutritionist with Andrea Nakayama. After working in private practice with the wonderful folks of Watershed Wellness in SE Portland, I began working as a Clinical Nutritionist, where I worked side by side with Dr. Maggie Yu for two years. Together, we created a new approach to healthcare for people with autoimmune disease based in Functional Medicine with special attention to mental health. This model of healthcare, between a functional nutritionist and doctor, was a wonderful pairing that I was proud to be a part of. As a team, we designed, developed and launched an online program that has helped hundreds of people reclaim their health through community and education.

I live in Portland, Oregon on a small urban farm with my sweetie. I still teach yoga and love integrating a deep anatomical knowledge and mindfulness in my work. I currently offer functional nutrition to private clients and teach workshops in my local community. In my free time, you can find me by a river, on a mountain, in my kitchen or gardening. I look forward to meeting you.